Background Information

The game is based on Greg Stolze's excellent campaign box set, City of Lies, with a noir tone. The players have access to the City of Stories players' guide to Ryoko Owari from the box set, and the black & white map of the city. We are using the setting from L5R 1st ed., but the 3rd ed. system.

Ryoko Owari is one of the largest cities in the Scorpion lands. It serves as a hub for much of the trading that occurrs in the territory. Merchants from the Crab lands move their goods through the city to peddle their wares in the Scorpion lands and further north. Merchants constantly move in and out of the large city, on the lookout for buyers and sellers.

Ryoko Owari is a rich city, second only to the capital itself. The city is under control of the Scorpion clan, with the Shosuro family occupying the position of eminence; the balance of power is in the hands of the Unicorn clan. Other clans have only a token presence in Ryoko Owari nowadays, though the Crab clan once vied for control of the city.

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