Daidoji Hanayama

Where most Crane seem to float on air, or burn with a fiery passion, Daidoji Hanayama seems to be chiseled out of rock. Sporting the white hair that the Crane find fashionable, it is always tied taught at the top of her head. Although many would call her hair color a blessing, it comes at a price few envy. The young, militant Samurai was born with the epilepsy that runs in her family. Average height with a square build, others often remark that there seems to be more Crab in this Crane. She hardly ever speaks, like the founder of her family, but prefers to maintain a stillness and silence becoming of stone. Relatives say that she seems to channel the original Daidoji through her, with her dogged stubbornness and her silent, concentrating demeanor.

Like stone she is neither quick to judgement or action, prefering to react instead. It was this behaviour that originally began her training as a Yojimbo. Her parents did everything they could to prevent Hanayama's disease from being known, but the death of her father just before her gempakku pushed the secret right out into the open. With the knowledge of her epilepsy, know one wanted a epileptic yojimbo, so it was through much social navigation and luck that at Hanayama became an emerald magistrate.

Daidoji Hanayama almost always wears full heavy armour, Including a full helm that covers her face. This armor is rather ornate as expected from a crane warrior, but also rather effective. When not in her armour her kimono is plain, showing the colours of her family and her family, clan, and personal mons. Her armour is an heirloom that has run in the family for centuries, and like most crane armour, far flashier than nessisary.

For a crane, Daidoji Hanayama has remained a quiet, calm individual. Slow to anger, she rarely speaks when unnessasary. She often comes off as a cold person, even to her own family and husband (with whom she has no children). Those who respect Hanayama due to her unrelenting loyalty, her quiet discression, and passion for bushido.

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